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arrived in august, 1769, and took formal possession of louisiana for spain. think of new orleans and cuba, in particular havana, governors there were also in cuba so there was all this traveling from one city to another because later when i got my ph.d. from tulaine university and i went to the irish channel. it's interesting, the irish history connected with new orleans. so the o'reilly family has been in louisiana for centuries. in cuba, nobody remembers him but it was the street of calle oreilly, famous until the 50's for its banks and bookstores. it was one of the favorite streets of (inaudible) secretary of the spanish count of fernandino, my grandfather, another irish man feeling at home in havana. there, at the busy corner of calle street and oreilly was a cafe bakery owned by a catelan. it was described by many foreigners, in particular british and irish who lived in havana at the time, as one of the best order and most elegant cafes in the world. its large door led to a main floor with a fantastic stone floor. i saw it in the 50's, i was very little but i still was there in the 5
in common. where were you born? >> new orleans, louisiana. >> new orleans, louisiana the yeah, let's hear it for the 504. how do you prepare for this whole darn thing here? >> practice. >> ok. that will get you to broadway but here you are in union square. ladies and gentlemen, two-time winner, mr. leonard oates. >> this is what i do every day. [ringing bells] >> leonard oates, ladies and gentlemen, reigning two-time champion mr. leonard oates. that completes the entire competition, ladies and gentlemen. let's hear it for everybody you heard today. the votes from the judges will now be tallied. that means up guys actually have to go to work now. we're going to name the tom three winners in the amateur and professional categories. the first place winner of the professional competition will take home a beautiful cable car bell with -- made by gilberto at the frens of the cable car museum. every year this man makes a beautiful cable car bell for this competition the mr. gad oy is pretty shy, he won't talk about his work but the craftsmanship speaks for itself the every bell every year is ind
swing in new orleans. we'll take you live to the essence music festival. >>> i'm don lemon at the cnn world headquarters in atlanta. a lot of news, let's get you caught up. a tragic holiday weekend for a family in indiana. one boy is dead, and his older stepbrother now faces a murder charge. police arrived at the home near martinsville on thursday. the 6-year-old had been shot in the head. he later died in the hospital. family and friends are still struggling to understand just what happened. >> they got along just fine. all normal. nothing out of the ordinary to suggest that anything would happen. i was crushed. i cried all night. the kids didn't know what was going on. it's hard. >> the 11-year-old stepbrother has a hearing next wednesday. he could be charged as an adult. we'll follow. >>> a missouri man has been charged with felony sexual assault after allegedly raping an unconscious woman on a city sidewalk. 48-year-old melvin jackson told kansas city police he thought the woman was dead. >> this is a new one. this is not one that i've seen come through before. there were witnesse
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clinics. these are great people. together we will hold a clinic on august 29th in new orleans, louisiana. and it's only possible because of your help. your help in the past and your help this time as well. the organization has previously held seven clinics, those clinics have helped thousands of folks get health care. to make a donation or learn more about volunteering at the new orleans clinic, visit their website at freeclinics.u.s. you can also text the word health to 50555 to make a $10 donation by phone. it would be greatly appreciated. i want to talk more about the volunteer effort. joining me now is retired schoolteacher jim conklin, a free clinic volunteer, and will be meeting and greeting the folks at our upcoming free clinic in new orleans. thanks for your time tonight, jim. i appreciate it. why did you choose this organization and this event to help out? >> i chose this organization 18 months ago. after katrina, i volunteered with habitat for humanity. and new orleans became a special town for me. the people of new orleans became very special to me. when i heard on msnbc 18 mo
this in new orleans, louisiana. we met with dr. king. he came to our church. he was beaten. you could see that on television every night where the ministers were beaten trying to get people to vote down in new orleans and baton rouge. when i came down here, the same thing was going on. we went to san francisco state university to get my credentials and my master's degree. we had to close the school down to get to ethnic studies. the police marching on us at san francisco state. after leaving new orleans and coming here, it was still a fight. comparing the schools, yes, i can see the different -- i can see the difference. those parents are there, and they bring in money for those schools, and they have all kinds of book fairs and arts festivals, computer labs, and at hunters point, it is a whole different story. you do not have a computer labs there. we do not have a parent involvement. it is a total difference. >> your perspective on jamal, awaiting the decision on whether he will be executed or spend his life in prison. >> he should be released. [applause] one of my professors actually i
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to discover. . >>> you do not have to travel to spain to run with the bulls. new orleans -- my gosh, new orleans held it's own spanish event. thousands crowded the french quarters to take part in this chase. clearly no bulls here. instead members of the big easy roller girls and other roller derby teams played the part of the animals. they had plastic bats and whacked the runners as they ran through city streets. this is the 5th year for the event and a sign new orleans still knows how to have a good, crazy time. >>
're on a roll! >> reporter: at the second harvest food banks in new orleans, lunch and breakfast are always on the menu. >> we need 175 oranges. >> reporter: without them, kids who get subsidized breakfast and lunch during the school year are at risk for going hungry over the summer. kids like kaila kelly. >> spinach and broccoli is kind of like my favorite vegetable. >> reporter: kaila and her mother kelie, who's looking for work, say food banks are vital for people falling through the cracks, most of us who never notice. >> people aren't really concerned or interested if they're doing okay. >> reporter: marcia peterson is executive director of the desire street ministries day camps which served by second harvest. developing children, she says, are in great need of good nutrition and many of them are not getting it. >> we serve about 175 kids, but across the street in the public houseing there's 635 school-aged children. so we're barely reaching a third of the kids. >> reporter: in new orleans, more than 32,000 children are eligible for subsidized school lunches, but once the school year i
wave you. to the red flag. i put my mount to your misery new orleans. here, war lies piles so high. this floating prison of a cementary cries of range. this delta lies on its side. rows and rows upon it's own government and crushed. summertime is over and the living is dead. and around midnight all hopes are looted. no one will ever come clean of the katrina of the new orleans and the stinking house of the setting sun. but it's the black and the blue of the loving on the shoes, let alone a dime or water, america, you are always scotched earth in our mouth. always a rain of disaster of streams of our broken eyes. now the rags are the most turn. our pores the poorest that can be worn in the souls shop. now that all is lost and there is only nothing to lose. long live the courage and the poor. they begin to waiver. [applause]. >> vennetia. i was enranged at your body enettia. chicanery that cried out of an awfulor gast. slowly i found you should side streets where you practice a strolling stillness without any engine sounds and the skies turning on into color and then eternal magnifi
'clock. my dad talked loudly to the lord. >> god transformed jo from a new orleans gambler to a soul winner. he told people about jesus and kept him away from his wife and children. >> during those times, i questioned god and would say i became an atheist. my dad was not a hippopotamus krit. >> all of jo's children served in ministry. >> he wrote this book, treasure path to soul winning. >> he felt if people were to win souls, they needed the word of god. you need to share the word of god. >> jo's ministry led him to russia, nigeria and philippines and laid india on his heart. >> he said who is going to tell those millions of people in india about jesus? >> he knew his time was short and plan to pass the short was in the works. grandson johnathon. >> it appeared god had his hand on johnathon. >> we felt he was 1 of those kids that was compliant, loved the lord, had a heart to serve god. >> as the 31-year-old leader, john style couldn't be more different. grandfather bold and loud. he is quiet and unassuming. >> it is a great honor, in a lot of ways, also an overwhelming task. i have to say
took the blame for most of those incidents. >>> it's a running of the bulls like only new orleans can do it. one difference from the traditional famed run, these bum bulls are on roller skates. gwen? >> -- these bulls are on roller skates. gwen? >> i'll be back with your full forecast and what you can expect heading into the workweek. we'll be right back after the break.  -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ >>> well, the heat was on today. get ready. it's only going to get worse. 91 degrees today at national airport, 90 at dulles and the same at baltimore. we had plenty of sunshine and those temperatures continue to be on the rise. it's even very war
think new orleans? >> i wouldn't. >> new york city? >> probably. >> perhaps the golden gate city. >> the golden gate city. >> what is san francisco nickname tucker? >> whatever san francisco tucker you spent a lot of time there how do you not know that? answers coming up later if you want to take a guess head to our facebook page myfoxdc.com fox 5 morning news is back after the break  [ mr. connally ] i was paying too much with cable. it was crazy! paying so much you want better quality. it was like you were trapped because that was the only system that was in our neighborhood -- was that cable. i was just getting too frustrated. [ male announcer ] stop paying for second best. now you can switch to verizon fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year -- with no annual contract required. i always heard great things about fios, but the first time i saw the picture it was just like "wow." [ male announcer ] call now and we'll include over 60 premium channels, including showtime, starz, epix and more for 12 months. you just get so much more with fios
of folks get health care. to make a donation or learn more about volunteering at the new orleans clinic, visit their website at freeclinics.u.s. you can also text the word health to 50555 to make a $10 donation by phone. it would be greatly appreciated. i want to talk more about the volunteer effort. joining me now is retired schoolteacher jim conklin, a free clinic volunteer, and will be meeting and greeting the folks at our upcoming free clinic in new orleans. thanks for your time tonight, jim. i appreciate it. why did you choose this organization and this event to help out? >> i chose this organization 18 months ago. after katrina, i volunteered with habitat for humanity. and new orleans became a special town for me. the people of new orleans became very special to me. when i heard on msnbc 18 months ago, there was going to be a health clinic in new orleans. i said to my wife, let's go back, and let's get involved with this. and when i went there, i met nicole and the national association of free clinics and i found my niche in retirement. >> well, they're great people, and you have
orleans had begun to lose new orleans. many of the neighborhoods, like the lower ninth ward have lost way more than half their people. new orleans has been going through its own triage, a painful process of trying to decide which{ neighborhoods to support and which will simply fade away. these are two american cities. each confronting a smaller future. and we talk as a nation about doing big things. in detroit's case, the mayor has come right out and said what's very difficult to admit. that detroit has to get smaller. that he can't continue to support every neighborhood at the same level, because the city can't raise enough revenue. sound familiar? i want to keep focusing in on detroit here, because i think it's a good example of the hollow prize. you win something. and because of what's happening at the time you win it, the thing you've won tons out to be hollow. you've won a hollow prize. you're dave bing nba basketball star, hometown hero, you win the race to be mayor. what do you get exactly? consider president obama who took the oath of office in january 2009. let's remember 2009, a
, the southeast and believe it or not, they still do need this rain, so new orleans, you pick up an inch of rain. birmingham, you pick up an inch and a quarter of rain. this rolls through the afternoon hours over the next 24 hours. an area that needs the moisture that doesn't really get enough is the southwest. we're looking at well into monsoon season, but, unfortunately, the thunderstorms are really going to produce gusty winds, so we're keeping an eye on some dust storms and dry >> this weather report sponsored by at&t, rethink possible. >> thanks. that's your latest weather. now here's chris and rebecca. >> marysol, thanks. we appreciate it. zimplt by most counts there are nine serious contenders for the republican presidential nomination, although not all of them actually are running. >> yes. of those nine you who has the best shot of winning? joining us is conservative commentator ann coulter whose latest book is "demonk." >> good to have you with us here this morning. >> let's talk about president obama right now. he is vulnerable, if you were to look at -- vulnerable in a lot of areas. t
will be right back. >>> in 2005, hurricane katrina devastated new orleans and surrounding areas. as some high school students from new york city discovered, the people there are still in need of great help. >> you would not believe t would you think that after five years that everything would be okay again,9i4u it's actually surprising how things are forgotten b. >> reporter: in fact, thousands of people are still without proper housing. many are living in temporary shelters, like trailers. >> it's so sad, just to think that you could lose everything, like to think, wow this is my life you lose everything, your whole house, you lose -- like your family falls apart where are you supposed to go? 4dcwu0=5kuó queens high school of teaching spent spring break in new i?á ;mqorleans, working habitat for humanity. they were helping to rebuild nonprofiting ors that raises awarenessaç forgi"7j0ngaffordab and we in this school -- we started a club called the emerson h 4 h project. >> reporter: club was started after a teacher suggested the idea to one of her students. >> i got the member because. i'
. this is an old candy man, and he is still there in new orleans. >> and you try to get the stories from these people? >> they are very interested in the data base. so you have to get this as well. this is what is so fascinating. america has a million sides. >> when you are out in the country, how do you keep track of everything? >> the library of congress does not let me submit anything without the data base. now i put the number of the shots, and exactly what this was, or i record wherever, and this is such and such. i cannot submit this to the library of congress unless they know what this this. >> here is a picture of some state borders. >> this is a louisville ky. this is 20 years old. >> and is this in the library of congress or does this belong to you? >> i have about 20,000 images. this is just a shot that i took. this is about 20 years ago, from new orleans. >> and you have to ask their permission? >> this is a relative of mine, my great grandfather and my great-grandfather were born here. she is a relative. she was about 90 years old when i took this photograph. this was in pro
. >>> new orleans -- a new orleans man is blamed for robbing a convenience store with his 5-year-old son in tow. the robbery was caught on camera and you can see the man walking in the convenience store with the boy. they buy a couple items -- couple of items and head back to the car. man turns and comes back andsteals the cash from the clerk and she got a partial license plate number and the police caught him a short time later. the boy is reportedly with his mom. >>> well, a stinging stow away. that's what a man is talking about when he woke up on a airplane and found a scorpion on his sleeve. it happened on an alaska earls flight from seattle to average -- airlines flight from seattle to anchorage. >> i thought it was a bug and i felt it crawling on my hand and looked up and said oh my god it's scorpion. >> it bit his arm and since he is was in the middle of the flight he had to wait until he landed to get eat checked out. even pear medics -- paramedics seemed freaked out. they had to google what to do after looking at the guy. he was okay. they think the scorpion stowed away after a
need help but we're really trying to do more with so much less. >> and in new orleans, we need some help, let's just be right up front about it. we want to raise as much money as we possibly can. folks, i have been at these clinics. i have seen some fabulous stories, some unbelievable stories, they're really gut wrenching and this is helping americans. >> we need $350,000 for us to hold this clinic and we're right about $126,000 now. your viewers have been incredibly generous. we really need the help. new orleans really needs volunteers and donations and people can go to free clinics.u.s. to help us out. >> nicole lamoureux, thanks for your time. we will see you in new orleans. and again, if you would like to donate, text health to 50555 to make a $10 donation by phone.
. thunderstorms in new orleans, montgomery, and miami. hail and 80 mill an hour winds from kentucky to colorado. heavy winds in the desert southwest and scattered thunderstorms in the north east. >> 67 in seattle. dallas hits 101. omaha 82. detroit 79. near 90 here in new york. 99 in atlanta. one more nod to "the brady bunch." >>> after winning one of the most memorable games in the history of women's soccer the women of team usa have two more games to win before they can win the world cup. >> semifinals match against france. emotions will be riding high especially after their historic victory against brazil on penalty kicks. unbelievable sports match. i can't get over it. >> it really is incredible. everybody expected brazil to win. if you are planning on playing hooky, phoning in to the boss, today's game will take place at 11:30 a.m. eastern and it can be seen on ourister network espn. >> we'll be right back with more "world news now." >>> all right. as parents, even as parties, we've all been there before. you go to dinner and a noisy child ruins everything. of course other children, not yo
story from chef spooik mendelsohn who went down to new orleans to see and taste for himself. spike is one of the best. he will give us a full report on what the situation down there is live like. >> i'm looking forward to it. unfortunately, this is not as happy of a story as the story with a tragic ending. fans of amy winehouse are leaving flowers and other momentos this morning outside her london home where she was found dead on saturday. her father was there to visit with fans thanking them for honoring the grammy award winning singer who was just 27 years old. cbs news correspondent anthony mason looks back on a promising career overshadowed by drug and alcohol abuse. ♪ you know that i'm no good >> her voice had soul. her songs had attitude. when amy winehouse sang, it seemed good to be bad. >> she really seemed like a rebel in a very old sense, and there was just something so thrilling about her. ♪ try to make me go to rehab ♪ i said no, no, no >> reporter: the anti-roefrl anthem made this daughter of a taxi driver an international star. in 2008 she became the first briti
're looking at about 80 there. 106 in phoenix. kansas city 94. dallas coming in at 98. 90s from new orleans to atlanta to new york. boston at 85. >>> this story has your name all over it. you and the other pet lovers out there. and i'm happy to report that the dogs and cats of palm beach gardens, florida, are safer this morning than they were yesterday. >> that's right. that's because fire and rescue teams there are now certified to perform cpr on pets. take a look at this right here. they actually have special oxygen masks to put over our furry friends' mouths to help resuscitate them. >> they say it's all about being able to help the community in whatever way they can. >> and you know what, though, pets are family members. we've also done stories where pets have gone into fires to save their litter and they bring them back out and they need resuscitation and oxygen just like we do. >> that's right, that's right. >> i do mouth mouth on my dog, though, i would. is that weird? >> that's a little personal, i didn't expect that, peggy, really if. >> who wouldn't. come on. doggy cpr. >> oh, yes
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 546 (some duplicates have been removed)